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How many species of birds do you know?

How many species of birds do you know? We have all seen birds that regularly come to our gardens, such as bullfinch, blackbird, great spotted woodpecker, and jay. We may have seen swans, mallards, coots or kingfisher in lakes and streams. Other birds can be observed in fields, in forests and in the mountains, such as the Sparrow hawk, the Tawny owl, the Bee-eater or the Black grouse.


But how many birds do you really know and recognize? Can you tell the difference between the Common snipe and the Great snipe? Between a House sparrow and a Tree sparrow? Between the Great Spotted Woodpecker, the Middle-Spotted Woodpecker and the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker? Between a Goldcrest and a Firecrest?


And what could we say about many other birds that we have hardly seen up close? There are three types of waxwings around the world: the European Waxwing, the Japanese Waxwing, and the Cedar Waxwing. How many of us could distinguish these species? Or could you distinguish very similar looking birds like the Rosy-faced Lovebird and Red-headed Lovebird?


In Vanni's Birld World you can see and know these and many other birds of the world up close. It is therefore a unique exhibition in the Alpen Region. 


Some birds are as big as a human, others small as a thumb. They have amazing beak shapes, plumage with the most incredible drawings and shades. All this and much more can be discovered in Vanni's Birld World!


The exhibition includes a large number of bird families and exhibits. Vanni's Birld World shows more than 1,300 different bird specimens from 125 families, including parrots, pheasants, roosters, pigeons, quail, hawks, turacos, etc.




The museum will be open again on 1st May 2020! We hope to see you then again!


For school and groups open by appointment.