Vanni`s bird world

A dream came true

birds from all over the world

Birds from all over the world - this is the passion of Taxidermist Vanni Bianchi and his wife Adriana Fausto. The museum shows a part of Bianchi’s private collection, that he had for several decades gathered. He has worked for 35 years in his profession, which requires maximum precision. "I have always collected and stuffed birds - they are for me extremely interesting animals. The specific details of each of the approximately 2,500 birds in the collection, are founded in different ways - whether as the richness of colours, the beaks, the shape of the head or the particular plumage and his disposition".

The display area of this Bird world in Oberdrauburg should be about four times larger, in order to expose all 2,500 exhibits simultaneously.With "Vanni`s Vogelwelt" or Vanni`s Bird World, a long-cherished dream came true. "I want to show people the wonderful diversity of the bird world, we have to take care of them, protect them and make children and young people aware of the value of our wildlife," says Vanni Bianchi. The Bird world in Oberdrauburg should help turn every visitor into a spokesperson for animal protection and nature preservation.